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How Do You See It?

It depends on how you see it.  Everything hinges on whose vantage point you trust.  It is a matter of PERSPECTIVE.

We live in a world where we try to make sense out of what sometimes seems senseless.  That is an understatement in light of the tragedy that took place in Las Vegas this past Sunday night, October 1st.  We live in a world full of highs and lows, victories and defeats, profound good and enormous bad.  Trying to integrate these two elements into a life that makes sense is not easy.  In fact, mankind was designed to deal with a world that was ‘all good.’  In Genesis, we find that God’s design was good in every way.  It got even better when God created man and woman… He said that the creation of Adam and Eve was ‘very good” – they were the pinnacle of God’s creation.

Unfortunately, Adam and Eve decided to try to be like God and call the shots for themselves.  The results were disastrous.  All sorts of problems unfolded as a result.  Ever since that day, mankind has had to deal with a dichotomous world filled with good and bad, high’s and low’s, victories and defeats.  As a result, human history has become a search for making sense of the brokenness around and in us.  Some have sought the answer from within themselves.  Others have sought an answer from the creation around them.  Still others have decided there is no answer or explanation anyway.  As a last resort, some have turned to seek an answer from the one who made us in the first place.  Maybe better said, the one who made us, has sought to draw us back to Himself and gives us perspective as to what He desires to do in and around us.

Fortunately, He has expressed Himself with clarity in the revealed truth of His Word and in the life of His Son.  When we look at the chaos of our world from His perspective, we begin to entertain joy [which is the awareness of God’s grace] in the midst of our circumstances.  Only God’s grace can pierce the darkness that shrouds our lives with an understanding of the hope He offers.

Therefore, we need to gain God’s perspective on all that we do… and that is what we are doing this fall by looking at the letter Paul wrote the Philippians from a prison cell in Rome.  Join us and track with us.  It will make a ton of difference.

Your bro,

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