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This summer, our sermon series is on relationships. We are learning they can be very challenging because those relationships reveal the brokenness of all of us.  However, they can also be very meaningful because God designed us for relationships.  Relationships are how we connect with others on a deeper level, allowing us to love and to be loved.  Relationships come in all shapes and sizes and are fostered through many different venues.
This next week, Quest is sending a team to Bonn, Germany.  We are partnering with the Evangelical Free Church of Bonn to have an American Sports Camp for the youth of Bonn.  There will be baseball, football and lacrosse in the morning, followed by English as a Second Language (ESL) and more American sports after lunch.  This is our third year of the camp, one in Dresden and two in Bonn.  Children from all ages are excited to meet Americans and play American sports.  Sports is a universal language that all people relate too.  This sports camp facilitates the opportunity to create and foster relationships which creates and fosters the opportunity to share the gospel.  We are trying to show the Love of Jesus Christ shared through relationships built through sports.
The team arrives in Bonn on July 15th and comes back home July 23rd.  During that time, we will experience many opportunities and challenges.  We ask for your prayers as we connect with the campers, develop relationships and (hopefully) share the gospel with them.
Steve H


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