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What’s So Great About Community?

Community… an overused term and an under appreciated reality.  If you have been around the Christian subculture in recent years you know that this term, COMMUNITY, has been a buzzword for awhile.  It is a good term, but it is simply the new word that replaced ‘fellowship’, that replaced ‘body life’, that replaced….. well you get the picture.  The reality is that people need people on this quest of seeking God and living our lives for Him.  We need to find and invest in relationships where we can be the real us, others can be the real them and in those relationships, we can experience the integrated values of truth and grace over a period of time that helps us get a picture of the grace and truth available in Christ… grace and truth over a period of time that transforms our lives.

As we talked about this summer, relationships can be a struggle.  They are never perfect.  They challenge us and stretch us.  However, they are one of the environments where God can mold us into the unique ‘body parts’ (I Corinthians 12) that fit with one another.  Together we make up the ‘body of Christ’, all different but all united.  Therefore we want to encourage and facilitate community for all of us.  We need one another.  We need to be known. We need to know others.  These are essential foundations for life.  Community is essential.

That being said, we have several opportunities to help form a tight Quest community and also get “Quest” out into the community. Serve St. Louis is a great way to get out into the community and be a help to the city. Mingle and Munch is a great way to help form a tighter community within Quest. Looking within Wildwood, helping with Pond’s Trunk or Treat benefits our local community, while our Young Family Safety Day event can help tighten family bonds within Quest while still being out in Wildwood.

The Young Family Safety Day is coming up THIS Sunday after service. We invite and encourage our young families to meet in the lower level, have some snacks then head over to the firehouse around noon for the event. There will be vehicles out for the kids to see, demonstrations, Hallie a Police K9, games and food! The event goes from 12-3pm and is a fun and easy way to hang out with and get to know some other Quest Kids young families as well as some other people from the community.

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